IndiFrozen Foods is well associated with recognized exporters from across the India. We are introducing ourselves as one of the leading facilitator of frozen halal Buffalo boneless meat. We ensure that all the plants and factories are equipped with the latest machinery and qualified staff to carry out the all the procedures which includes slaughtering of the animals, making the perfect cuts to packaging the products in the most hygienic conditions. All our offered are meeting the highest quality international halal standards for Buffalo Meat products. We deliver you the best quality Buffalo Meat products from exporters across the India to be successfully delivered at your destination. We are highly committed to check the quality at every steps.

With the rising competition, we promise to provide fresh manufactured high quality standard meat with premium packaging. Our products meet the highest quality international standards for food services. We provide a wide range of frozen buffalo meat products, and we ensure strictly controlled Halal certification for all our meat products.

As an expert in Buffalo frozen meat products, we supply a wide range of meat cuts such as buffalo forequarters, Buffalo Chuck Tender, Buffalo Trimming, buffalo hindquarter, Buffalo Topside, Buffalo Silver Side, buffalo flank, Rump Steak, buffalo shin – shank and buffalo striploin.

We are working with buyers from around the world such as China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates etc.